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Cereal Boy and the Power of Poo

April 8, 2011

I have found since becoming a mother that I spend much of my time thinking about, looking at, discussing and wiping up shit.  This entire post is about my sons turds, I feel it only right to tell you this from the start so you can skip this entry if you are not as poo obsessed as me.

From  1 ½ to 2 ¼  Cereal Boy would do a regular, perfectly formed shit in his potty whilst reading a book or Private Eye thus we called them Private Eye Potty Poos.  In December he started doing about 10 tiny poos a day, much straining and grunting would occur, dropping to the floor moaning “Ooooohhh Noooooooo!”  The smell produced by these tiny nuggets was something akin to decomposing skunk.   

In January we went the GP:  “have you tried giving him a sticker for each poo?”   WTF? He’ll be shitting every 10 mins if he thinks he’ll get a reward!    I was concerned he might not be dealing well with wheat (Cereal Boy is partial to about 4 weetabix for breakfast each day)  “you can never have too much wheat”  …..…try telling that to the coeliacs.   A prescription for Movicol a light laxative was obtained and we left with me feeling like I was being a bit neurotic.

3 months on from that, no change.  So we started a food and poo diary.  The GP we saw yesterday was different, and very lovely. I did not feel like a neurotic Google diagnosis slave at all, she seemed to understand the issues we were having, assisted by Cereal Boy going for a dramatic poo in her office requiring all windows to be opened.  His bum issues could be several things (lactose intolerance, wheat intolerance, IBS etc) so we are tweaking his diet a bit for a month, then going back to re-assess.  So for the next month he is to have less insoluble fibre (no weetabix for Cereal Boy…I foresee tantrums) no cheese, only live-yoghurt and even more fruit. More breastfeeds if possible, just as I was considering closing the booby bar.

Cereal Boy is being shipped of to Grandads for the weekend (wine here I come!) so Grandad can deal with the cereal related drama tomorrow morning .. joy!


Bruise Pristine

April 7, 2011

Is there something that happens to women of a certain age that makes them feel the need to buy everything they can in various shades of purple?

This phenomenon became apparent to me when I started my most current job back in January. I work in one of the  ‘Ivy League’  universities in the UK in an internationally renowned department,  yet high levels of purple attire have been registered in each and every office. Purple jumpers, skirts, shoes, tights, jackets, bags and accessories. One of the senior managers has purple high (or low?) lights in her grey hair to go with her purple framed specs and always has at least 3 items of purple clothing on.

I have been told that at Christmas there is departmental award ceremony (most helpful colleague etc) one award is for the most purple colleague. They are obviously highly competitive here as the levels of purple are frankly ridiculous, coffee time is headache inducing with all the clashing shades.

Being as that I only ever really wear black the only time I can join in is when I have one of those mysterious bruises that I seem to wake up with every so often.  I may need to make a bit more an efort in the plum department if I am to progress here.

Here we go again……

April 5, 2011

So why am I starting a blog? I don’t know really.

This will be my 4th attempt at a blog, I think I get tired of my own whinges and just give up.

My first was on Livejournal and was called ‘Lovemushroom’, (i don’t). I was not well then. I was under the care of the Community Mental Health Team for depression, OCD and anxiety. I was following a lot of eating disorder related LJs and starting limiting myself to 500kcal a day. I dropped a load of weight and felt brilliant…but looked a bit weird. I stopped using LJ as needed to get out of the bad cycle.

My second was on blogspot and was called ‘Scarybiscuits’, I seem to remember managing a introduction post and then promptly forgot all about it.

My third blog…I can’t remember the name, it was also on blogspot. I started it towards the end of my pregnancy, and it was intended as a parenting style blog. Once I gave birth I had no time to blog and so that one promptly died a death too.

I am not sure I am going to carry this on, I am not going to set myself any goals for post frequency etc. I Just want someone to talk to. I am quite lonely. Even if there is no one out there at least I can vent my thoughts here.