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Interview Fear

May 6, 2011

I have an interview on Monday. It is a.

Before we relocated to the midlands last year I had reached the top of a Grade 4, and was looking for Grade 5 positions. Then we relocated. I struggled to find anything that was even Grade 4 equivalent; we needed me to have a job for mortgage purposes so I took a Grade 3 in a role I hated, a data entry yawn fest.  It was pretty demoralising.

I lasted 3 months then moved in January to a Grade 4 post working on a course in the top department one of the most prestigious Universities in the country. The department itself has an international reputation of being one of the top in its subject area and I am working on the ‘money making’ course. So a good step. However the position is boring, I am not challenged, I am totally overpaid for what I do, but that said the pay is not the same as what I was on before relocation. So I am bored and paid less than before, feeling a bit sorry for myself.

A post came up within the department for a Grade 6. I was not going to try for it as thought that given a few months ago I was a Grade 3 they would just laugh at me. But my boss insisted I apply and I met with the Big Big Boss and she had a chat with me about the role, welcomed me to apply and since then has been giving me little projects to do which are linked to the advertised role, so a really good way for me to learn more in advance of an interview.

Hence I was really surprised not to be shortlisted. I was pretty gutted.   My boss couldn’t understand it and insisted (against my wishes) on finding out what was going on. Big Big Big Boss (with me still?) came to see me: “you need to check your personal e-mails as that is the address you gave on your application form.”

“I have, about every hour for the last week” I popped open the window “look nothing.”

“Ah, well you have been shortlisted and you were invited to interview, you should have received the information yesterday morning, the interviews are on Monday. Can you go see HR and ask them to send you the information?”

I promptly legged it down to the HR office, no one was in!  I nearly cried.  Big Big Big Boss kindly pulled some strings and now I have my lovely invite for interview. But now I am scared.

I have to do a presentation.

I don’t know how too.

One of the interview panel is not a big fan of me (it is the purple lady from an earlier post)

I have nothing to wear.

Shit shit shit shit shit.

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