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Wedding on Wearde Quay

April 28, 2011

Mr T’s niece got married on Easter Saturday.  That element of Mr T’s family (it is very complicated!) live in Saltash and own land including a quay with stunning views.

My foot enjoying the view on arrival

 The wedding was held along the quay, accessible by many steps, or a long trek through various people’s gardens. A large marquee was set up and boats were moored alongside for additional party space.

View of marquee on the quay

The happy couple

The ceremony was held outside and was just beautiful, although Cereal Boy did insist on doing loud fake burps during the vows. He could be forgiven though as he looked so amazingly cool in his outsit (clothes from sisters trip to Tibet, hat made at nursery for Easter and elvis throwback glasses).

Cereal Boy

The weather was kind, the drinks were plentiful. It was fantastic to see all the various members of Mr T’s extensive family all together again, the last time had been for his dads funeral in 2009.

A piano had been brought down to quay (at great effort) and we had live music over the course of the afternoon which then changed to a random spotify playlist which threw up some bizarre numbers.  The whole atmosphere was very laid back, with a hot buffet, no seating plan and a request that guests bring puddings instead of presents.

We were lucky enought o score staying with one of the family on the quay, so we were able to put Cereal Boy to bed and leave him with a  babysitting family member and head back for a bit of additional partying.

The following day everyone, including those with hangovers, assisted with getting all the furniture, crockery, and musical instruments back up the houses from the quay.

How many men with a hangover does it take to get a piano up a hill?

I now have severe wedding envy. Do my vows run out at any time so I can renew them?

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