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It’s not like I like to win or anything……

April 27, 2011

Mr T and I had a proper disagreement last week. This has only happened maybe 3 times in the 13 years we have been together. We argue, and disagree on things all the time, but severe disagreements when neither one of us wants to back down rarely happen.

It was all because of a lovely sports car.

Easter weekend we were due to drive 4 hours to a family wedding. We own a nice ‘family car’ with plenty of boot space, plenty of cabin space for everyone and air-conditioning etc.  Mr T put in to borrow a fancy car from his work, and they granted his wish, with a Jaguar XK.

Pretty but not practical for a family journey.

I told Mr T it was a no-go, he refused to budge as A) he wanted to show up at the wedding in it to impress his family,   B) someone at his work went to the trouble to acquire it for him and C) Mr T really wanted to ponce about in it. 

I refused to budge as A) no space for me to sit in the back with Cereal Boy which is pretty necessary on a 4 hr journey,  B) no boot space so would have to pack light, and C) The car seat probably wouldn’t fit.   

In the end we agreed that Mr T could take my little car to go collect it, then when it was back at ours we could see if it was workable, that way we would still ahve the ‘family’ car as a fall back.  Prett car was not at all suitable. None of the car seats would fit in the back, and even if we put the car seat in the front the back seat was only the size of supermodels elbow so not really comfortable for me to sit on for 4 hours.

So I won. Ha!

The beautiful car spent most of the weekend making the outside of our house look nice, although Mr T and Cereal Boy have taken it out for a few spins.

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