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Ofsted – Cunts.

April 15, 2011

Cereal Boy is cared for by a husband and wife childminding team. They both have separate registrations as required by Ofsted.  On Monday night we had a text to say due to bad news they could not care for Cereal Boy the next day. This is very unlike them, and assumed it was due to the death of a family member.  Then on Tuesday I had a very emotional conversation with Mrs Childminder,  Ofsted had pulled their registration, effective immediately.

In January Mr Childminder had a nervous breakdown, the childminders took on an assistant and Mr Childminder arranged to not be on the premises when the children are there as he is very depressed and didn’t want it to affect the children.  The childminders reported the situation to Ofsted and invited them to come out and visit to check on everything, but had no response.

On Monday morning they had a phone call from Ofsted to say Mr Childminders registration was being revoked due to mental health issues. They had been expecting this, although it was very disappointing. No mention was made of Mrs Childminders registration.  Then at 4.15pm on Monday Ofsted called again and said that Mrs Childminder would be losing her registration, effective immediately, and that she should notify parents so alternative arrangements could be made for child care.  Basically she can not be registered as she is married to someone with mental health issues. It boiled down to her husband or her job.  They have been in touch with solicitors etc, but there is nothing that can be done. 

As parents this is a massive blow, we adore our childminders, they have been fantastic with Cereal Boy, they are very affordable and flexible. We are now having to use up our annual leave and take unpaid leave in order to remain at home.  It is terrible for Cereal Boy, he loves the childminders, he loves his friends there. He is very unlikely to see these children again now. There has been no warning, no goodbyes, no preparing him for the change. At short notice we are having to place him somewhere else, do settling sessions etc.  I am not sure he really understands that he will not be going back to Mr and Mrs Childminders.

It is devastating for Mr and Mrs Childminder. They have been caring for 20 years. Their entire house is dedicated to the care of children. They have lost their livelihoods and children they love. We went to visit them yesterday afternoon and they are broken. Mrs Childminder was telling me how she broke down when she say all the little handprints on the glass of her patio doors.  For Mr Childminder this is having a serve impact on his health, all the improvements that have been made with his emotional well being since January have been wiped out, he is now distraught that his health has had this impact on his wife, the children and the parents.

Mr T and I are so frustrated, we are writing a letter to Ofsted, as are all the other parents, we know nothing will change as it is a point of law. But it is

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