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Best laid plans….

April 11, 2011

Dad had asked to have Cereal Boy for the weekend (score!) so after delivering child to grandparents on Friday Mr T and I went, for the first time, to our local village pub. I wouldn’t say the banjo music stopped when we walked in…but close to it.  No one sat at any of the tables, everyone was sat at a stool at the bar. This resulted in Mr T and I having to do lots of waving etc to try and get a drink.  We took our speciality ales to a corner table and felt very conspicuous and scarpered home as soon as we had drained the glasses.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early. My plan was to paint the en-suite from  a vile purple to a lovely bright white by lunch time, then spend the afternoon pottering  in the garden drinking shandy and then some late afternoon bed business  with Mr T.  After the first coat of paint I was cursing there former owners and their purple obsession as I realised it would need a second coat.  Even worse my period started, so there went all the plans for nookie.

After the second coat I was swearing a lot and realised it would need a third coat. Mr T was sent to B&Q for supplies. After the third coat I was close to tears realising it would need a fourth.  It was 4pm, I’d been painting in a tiny room all day, I needed to let the paint dry a bit before I had a shower and got ready to go out. I quit for the day in a bit of strop.

We always try to go out for a meal when we are sans child, we went to try our local Chinese restaurant. We are very fussy about Chinese food, we were blessed in Cardiff with a fantastic restaurant where the food was on par with the food we had eaten when we were on honeymoon in China, since moving to the Midlands we have been on the lookout for somewhere else where everything doesn’t just seem to be pumped full of MSG.   From the outside we didn’t expect much, it looks more like a roadside café and actually used to be a Little Chef.

However inside it was lovely, if basic, and the food and service were amazing.  The grilled dumplings were particularly outstanding next time I shall be having the steamed red snapper as someone at the next table had it and it smelt wonderful. I had fully intended to take pictures of the dishes…but only remembered when I had finished, whoopsie.

Sunday morning I was straight back into the sodding en-suite for a fourth coat of paint. After finishing I made it very clear to Mr T that if he went in there and said he could still see purple he would be in danger of losing his testicles.

Dad arrived with Cereal Boy not properly strapped into the car seat, after a chastising we headed off to a pub near the Great Union Canal known as ‘park pub’  where we ate a lovely big roast dinner in the pub garden whilst Cereal Boy stood at the top of the climbing frame yelling at all the other patrons to let them know they were: “dirty rascals”.

Back at home later on Cereal Boy went to inspect the ensuite and pronounced it: “a bit pink’“. Mummy was not impressed.

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